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SIT.....STAY.... I have a dedicated love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These mighty dogs in their little packages are highly intelligent, sturdy, loyal and quite entertaining. I breed the Corgi for ideal standards and great personalities. All my dogs live in the house w/me and are a part of the family. All my Low Rider's have Champion pedigree's and go through testing requirements to promote a healthy sound Corgi. I look for smooth movement, flat toplines, great expression, thick sturdy bone, and most importantly..MIND! My dogs get the utmost of care and love and expect the same from any puppy buyers. All my Low Rider's are fed Eukanuba and Revolution applied monthly. My puppies are raised in the home w/my family and are socialized several times a day. I have an AKC Registered Veterinarian who I have a wonderful relationship w/and handles all of the care on my Low Rider adults and pups. Puppies have their nails trimmed every week w/dewormings starting at 2 wks of age and every other wk. following the initial deworming along w/vaccinations at 6 wks before going to their new homes at 8 wks of age. All puppies are sold on a Limited Registration unless references are provided and I feel you're worthy of an Open Registration. Contracts per agreement will be signed before releasing said dog. I will allow my studs to service a very selective few outside females upon my evaluation of said females and a health certificate from a veterinarian. I have acquired a Kennel License for my county which allows the county and city to come unannounced to inspect my kennel, and of course AKC. I have also acquired a Vendor's License which makes me pay taxes on my dogs. As a breeder, I feel it is my duty to educate any new owner and be there for the life of any puppy I produce and place. I love to talk Corgi's and am more then happy to advise anyone.

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