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Please go to the links and comment directly ON the bill docket before July 16.   People have seen the AKC petition and signed it and think that’s enough…  I want my own name to go on record, with hobby breeder, trainer, Taxpayer duly noted.   Please don’t *just* forward my concern.  Go to the APHIS regulations.com site and file your own two cents.

I don’t know about you folks, but my government is getting a bit big for it’s britches. I *never* send political email, but I BEG you to add a comment to APHIS about the puppy you love.  Did you get it from a breeder you live near? or a rescue organization?

I raise dogs in my home to be loved by people like you… and I have a right to choose their sire, and choose their people, and choose to help with rescue if I want !!!  Many of you corresponded with me by email, and may have met us at shows.  If the proposed legislation goes through, you will have two options… buy froma “commercially licensed facility” or buy ONLY at the buyers home.   No meeting at shows, no meeting halfway, no shipping whatsoever.

Proposed rule changes to the Animal Welfare Act APHIS 2011-0003-0001 no longer exempt purebred dog fanciers from USDA licensing.  The regulations document of conditions ALL breeders would have to meet is *164* pages long and would stop me from letting my dogs live inside, run together, and our dog budget is held together on threads as it is !!   I am angered, because I love my dogs, and the government has NO business telling people who are taking GOOD care of their dogs and stewarding their breed how many they can have, or how people ought to be buying from us !   This is the no-more-pets AR people taking advantage of a situation!   There was a legislative loophole, and they are using their claws and supporters to attack ANY breeder not just irresponsible, mass-production, sell-anything-alive-to-anyone-with-money canine commercial enterprises.   If this legislation passes as written, it fails to define breeder, it gives no exemptions to hobby fanciers such as myself, and  the HSUS has volunteered to enforce with home inspections.  It gives someone’s subjective opinion power over my home.   ???  I take GOOD care of our dogs but “they” don’t like how I do it and want to come in my living room to tell me not to.

Here are several links.  PLEASE –
comment before 7/16/2012 and explain that you got a puppy from a
RESPONSIBLE breeder and that the problem was already ENFORCEMENT and paperwork – that if the rules change as written it will force GOOD people into BAD legislation.

worthwhile explanation contains links to documents.

sample performance comment

excellent brief
breeders comments

thank goodness smart comment about BUYERS

On any of these, you can click COMMENT and then CHECK the BOX that says Comment Directly.

The sad thing is – in the 10 or so that I read… 6 of them SUPPORTED the bill with brief statements about how this law was going to improve animal welfare.  NOT!  The same inspectors who were already overloaded, taking bribes, or skipping paperwork are still employed… if there are loopholes they need FIXED, not more inspections required.  USDA regulations are NOT how YOUR breeder keeps her beloved PET/show/breeding animals and I am NOT breeding them every season they are intact.  These regulations treat any animal over the age of 4 months as a “breeding” animal.  Ridiculous!

Please take time to write a comment that says you want the RIGHT to CHOOSE your breeder–and that you took time to find a good one who will be FORCED out of her passion by BIG GOVERNMENT if APHIS passes as poorly written !  My comment for *this week* has been posted.  Open until 7/16/2012 for public comment and we are already outnumbered.

Horrified they cannot pay to educate our children
But they will come in my house and tell me how to raise dogs !!!
Elizabeth Woodman


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Dear friends,

I am suggesting that we urge all club members, forward to other clubs, including performance people, grooming shops, veterinarians and anyone else that has a vested interest in dogs, to contact their federal Congressmen/Senators, giving the reasons we are opposed to the recently introduced “PUPS” bill.  In addition to the information in Frank’s note, below, here is additional copy/paste material:  http://www.saova.org/PUPS.html.

Frank’s IRS initiative is ongoing; several congressmen have taken up the cause, personally asking the director of the IRS to investigate the HSUS;  now, Frank is asking us to ban together to stop this (HSUS) PUPS bill, which, contrary to another organization’s opinion that we should “let it be” (hoping it would die in committee) is definitely gaining momentum.

In addition, there is a huge strategic importance to the issuance of “public condemnation of substandard kennels” (see Frank’s note below).  I would like to see parent clubs join the list of organizations that have made such statements.  The more organizations that do this, the more fighting power we have against bills such as the PUPS bill.  Please have your clubs issue a statement, and note it on their public website.  If you will, send it to me, so I can make Frank aware.  He is going to use the sheer numbers in his “arguments” for future dialogs with various “powers”.

I know this is rather long, but each and every one of us MUST understand what is going on and what needs to be done; so I am providing you with the information;  all you need to do is copy, paste and SEND to your federal legislators.


Based on my 20 years of Lobbying Experience in Washington DC , I believe that the HSUS is methodically executing a “Behind-the-Scenes Strategy,” with the help of several Members of Congress, to ensure that the PUPS Bill is enacted this year for the following reasons:

1.       The number of co-sponsors of the PUPS Bill (H.R. 5434) in the House of Representatives continues to grow each week.   As of July 23, 2010 the number of sponsors and co-sponsors in the House of Representatives is 83.

2.       HSUS is “beating the drum,” behind the scenes, to Congressional Members and their respective  Staffs about the scathing USDA IG Report with regards to APHIS Inspection Procedures, and is citing that Report as a reason for House Congressional Members to co-sponsor the PUPS Bill.

3.       HSUS has ballyhooed the Animal Crush Video Bill (H.R 5566), which passed the House on July 21, 2010 by a vote of 416 to only three votes in opposition.  Significantly, nearly 300 House Members had co-sponsored this Bill.  That is why House Rules on voting for this Bill were suspended.  The horrific images used to gather Congressional support for this Animal Crush Video Bill will consciously and subliminally carry over in the minds of many Members of Congress and their respective staffs.

4. HSUS is masterful with its use of subliminal messages and resonating, horrific images that have framed the Public’s “misperceptions” about all breeders.

5.       HSUS has spent millions of dollars on advertising on the FOX Network.  These ads on FOX raise the following question:  Why would HSUS not run the same ads on other major networks, unless there was an ulterior motive? Unquestionably, HSUS is seeking donations as part of its “Factory Fundraising” efforts.  However, a secondary and major subliminal purpose of using the FOX Network is to reach out to conservative Republicans, who historically have not scored well on the HSUS Congressional Scorecard.  HSUS is politically streetwise and savvy, and it knows that Conservative Republicans are more apt to watch FOX, and “coincidentally” see the HSUS ads, which contain gut-wrenching” images of dogs and puppies.  This is done not only to try and gather support for more co-sponsors on the PUPS Bill, but more importantly, to reduce and mute opposition to the inevitable efforts of the HSUS to orchestrate a “Sneak Attack” amendment to a “Must Pass Bill,” such as an Appropriations Bill for funding the USDA.

6.       “Sneak Attacks” are by their very nature sneaky and designed to use the element of surprise to one’s advantage.  In short, you do not publicly tell your potential opposition of your plan of attack against responsible breeders until it is too late to stop the orchestrated “attack!!!!”

7. Why would the HSUS use a “Sneak Attack” for the PUPS Bill????????? In March of 2009, during a Workshop sponsored by the Georgetown Law School and the HSUS, Congressman Moran from VA, who was a Congressional Panelist at the Workshop, was asked the following question:  “Why is it so hard for us to amend the Animal Welfare Act, and how can we do it? His response was chilling, and the gist of what he said is as follows:  The best way to overcome opposition is to wait until the eleventh hour and add a late night, last minute amendment to a “Must Pass Bill,” such as an Appropriations Bill, so that there will be no time for opposition to kill the amendment. Significantly, Congressman Moran is on the Appropriations Committee!

8. I respectfully submit that the reason why HSUS recently has been eerily “silent” on the PUPS Bill, and has not been repeatedly and publicly urging its “11 Million Members” to contact their respective Members of Congress and ask them to support the PUPS Bill is because the HSUS is executing a “Sneak Attack” in the following sequence:

  • Continue to work behind-the-scenes, and “under the radar” to gather co-sponsors for the PUPS Bill by following up with the nearly 300 U.S. Representatives who co-sponsored the Animal Crush Video Bill, and literally “take a license” with these unsuspecting Members of Congress by simply implying that their support is needed for the same reason as was their support for the Animal Crush Video Bill.
  • HSUS will continue to “recruit” more Representatives to co-sponsor the PUPS Bill, and once the number crosses the 100 threshold, HSUS will employ the “herd mentality” approach to persuade more and more Representatives to jump on the bandwagon.  HSUS will claim that this will “protect those dogs and puppies that need your help.”
  • When the USDA Appropriations Bill comes up for a vote, as Members of Congress are  scrambling to wrap up outstanding issues in a hurry so that they may return to their States and Districts to run for re-election, the PUPS Bill will be added, “at the last minute,” and the justification for “expediency” will be that since the PUPS Bill has well in excess of 100 co-sponsors, it “obviously” is not a controversial amendment, and it will become part of a “Must Pass Bill,” and there will be no time to mount opposition to it.

9. Why is this suggested “Sneak Attack” Scenario not only feasible, but likely, you ask?

  • The Congressman who suggested a “Sneak Attack” Approach is Congressman Moran.
  • Congressman Moran co-founded and is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus in the House of Representatives.  This Caucus has 84 Members.
  • The Website for the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus lists 40 different animal related Bills “currently under consideration by Congress.” Conspicuous by its absence is the PUPS Bill, which currently is being sponsored and co-sponsored by 83 Members of the House – – that is nearly 20% of the House of Representatives.  Could that “omission” be yet another tell-tale indication that a coordinated “Sneak Attack” is on-going, especially since Congressman Moran is the Co-Chair of this Caucus?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Congressman Moran has introduced and sponsored Bills championed by the HSUS.
  • Congressman Moran has been a featured speaker at HSUS Events.
  • Congressman Moran is a Member of the House Appropriations Committee which will be considering the Appropriations Bill for the USDA.
  • And in the Senate, which must also pass the Appropriations Bill for USDA, you have Senator Durbin, who could smooth the way for Senate passage of the PUPS Bill as an Amendment to the USDA Appropriations Bill in the Senate because:

o        Senator Durbin is in a Democrat Leadership Position in the Senate.

o        Senator Durbin introduced an identical version of the PUPS Bill in the Senate.

o        Senator Durbin is on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

  • The HSUS Annual Lobbying Event in Washington DC (Taking Action for Animals) concluded on July 26, 2010 with a Major Lobby Day Campaign, which was totally scripted by the HSUS, and resulted in hundreds of HSUS supporters descending upon the U.S. Capitol to personally tell their respective Members of Congress to support every Bill that HSUS wishes to have Congress enact – – this includes the PUPS Bill!

For all of the reasons set out above, I believe the “Perfect Storm” exists for the HSUS to successfully orchestrate the enactment of the PUPS Bill.


Follow the HSUS Lobbying Play Book, and send E-Mails to your respective Members of Congress that politely ask that they suspend judgment and action on the PUPS Bill (H.R. 5434 and S. 3424) until the following questions are fully vetted in a Committee Hearing:

1.       Is the “perceived problem” and “need” for the PUPS Bill caused by the so-called internet sales “loophole,” or by simply an inability of APHIS to enforce existing laws and regulations?  In short, would the “perceived problem” and “need” be best addressed by more strictly enforcing the existing laws and regulations, rather than adding new laws and regulations onto the existing laws and regulations that may not have been strictly enforced?

2.       Is it the intent of Congress to mandate that if someone has as few as one intact female dog that is capable of being used for breeding, then that person may be subject to the expanded coverage of the PUPS Bill?

3.       Is it appropriate for Congress to define a four-month-old puppy to be an adult dog?

4.       Would the existing language in the PUPS Bill have the unintended consequence of dramatically reducing the number of available dogs that are specifically bred and trained for use by special needs organizations that support the handicapped and the blind?

5.       Would the existing language in the PUPS Bill have the unintended consequence of dramatically reducing the number of available dogs that that are specifically bred and trained for use by law enforcement throughout the U.S. , the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense, such as bomb sniffing dogs?

6.       Why has the Humane Society of the U.S. , for the last three years, repeatedly refused to tell the American Public and the U.S. Congress that major Pet Breeder Organizations in 10 States have publicly condemned substandard kennels?  Significantly, over 85% of all Federally licensed and inspected kennels are located in those 10 States.

  • If you live in Arkansas , Colorado , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas , Missouri , Ohio , Oklahoma , Pennsylvania or South Dakota , you may wish to add the following sentence.  “Our State is one of the 10 States.”

If enough breeders send E-Mails to their respective Members of Congress, such a collective effort may derail and stop the HSUS PUPS Bill Freight Train that is picking up steam.  Lets mimic the IRS effort and bombard Congress with another 5K letters!!!!  THANK YOU

Frank Losey

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The bill requires pet stores to put information about the animal on its cage in the store. That includes the animal’s medical history, the name of the breeder and any congenital disorders.

Customers could get other information, including the address and size of the breeding operation, upon request or when they buy an animal.
To see an article written on this click here

****WWC Note*****
My Experience with 2 Pet Shop Corgis

I wrote this back in July 2009 to try and make more people aware of pet shop puppies and why one should not buy a pet shop pup or at least be more aware of the breed your looking to purchase.

This started when on 2 occasions I had puppy buyers inquire on my pups because they fell in love with a Corgi pup at a pet store. The first pet store was at the corner of Lorain Rd. and Rocky River Dr. in Cleveland. The other was a franchise in North Olmsted. I was asked to look these puppies over and give my honest opinion. I warned these people that I do not condone the selling of pups in stores, specially when buyers are not screened and impulse buying is promoted.

In Cleveland, the pups were not on wire but well bedded clean large pens with other pups for socialization. Regularly the pups were allowed out to roam the store. The owner of the store was friendly and more then willing to answer my questions and show me paperwork. This Corgi pup on the other hand didn’t seem healthy. He was not very social for a 3-4 mo old puppy, pot bellied, and skinny. The quality of this pup was lacking. The price was more reasonable then most pet store pups with discounts on many additional needs the pup would need for $650.00. BUT….I was told the pup was AKC and came from a reputable breeder. After that being said I asked to see the paperwork to learn this pup wasn’t AKC and came from Missouri. I am in noway suggesting that Missouri only homes puppy mills but when a pup travels this far with no AKC paperwork to a pet store, well if it walks and quacks like a duck…then I see it as a duck.

The franchise pet store in North Olmsted earns a big fat F. They are misleading, deceiving, and in noway screen buyers anymore then the credit they hold by promoting puppy sales and monthly payment plans. Considering the price of this Corgi pup on sale for $1299.00, I would say they’d need to offer a payment plan for most impulsive pet buyers. The pups were kept on wire bottoms with smaller breeds having their paws slipping through. Even with being on wire bottoms to keep pups out of feces, the pups hair coat was grimmey and a lot of shedding which tells me they are not groomed or bathed regularly. His weight was good, nails short, good bite, eyes clean, but horrible docking job. Very happy pup that was out of control with biting anything his mouth could be laid on without any concern of retaliation that they learn from litter mates or their mother. He had no idea how to behave amongst humans and had been allowed this behavior and fear that someone who is a novice or has a young child is not going to be a good combination. When walking away he seemed cow hocked and weak in the back legs for a 12 week old pup but with the small limited space provided for viewing and the slippery service and overly excited pup it was hard to evaluate.

I asked if he was AKC registered and was told he was. Was also told he had Champions in his pedigree and when asked to see his pedigree was denied not once but several times. I asked where the pup came from and who was the reputable breeder and was denied over and over again as well. WHY??? This is my right!!!

If I’m going to buy this pup for $1299.00, I want to see the paperwork. I wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, seeing the title, or having a carfax report. The blond who was trying to keep her cool with me went in the back to get me some of the information I was persistently requesting to only come back with vet records and to say she learned the pup had no AKC papers, only ACA and no Champions but still failed to tell me this reputable breeder. OH WAIT..that’s right, pet stores feel USDA approved kennels are reputable. We all know whats been found in some of these USDA approved kennels. If not, open your eyes and google for some links on these so called reputable approved USDA kennels. You be the judge.

She then tried to sell the pup by saying they guarantee the pup against diseases for 3 yrs. They will pay all vet bills. Such a guarantee when they know nothing on the pedigree and no testing on parents but for $1299.00, I guess they could afford some vet bills. The question is, what hoops do you need to jump through for them to approve the diagnosis and receive payment? Puppies have died just days after going to their forever homes to have the pet store turn their backs. Not a guarantee I’d trust. Needless to say, with them hiding information that I am rightfully to know and misleading some of the information, they are hiding something and this pup is not worth no where near $1299.00.

This is where you as the buyer need to learn more about the breed you are purchasing and be patient to wait for the right pet puppy from someone who has the sire and dam and can easily be reached for the life of that pup to answer your questions and guide you when something is troubling you or the pup. Talk to other breeders and compile the information but don’t buy pet store dogs. Your only helping the problem to persist in the long run. Your not saving all the other pups who will follow because you felt you needed to save this one.

~Wendy Wendt & The Low Riders

Here is another article on the pet store bill that could fish out substandard kennels

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Please take the time to read this Overview Summary explaining why the Grassroots Plan: How To Spay and Neuter the HSUS was orchestrated.


Orchestrated by Frank Losey, atty, lobbyist and former Judge Advocate

Phase 1-A (Dec 21, 2009-Jan 15, 2010) to IRS:
·    Letter #1 with 13-page Overview Summary (of 350+ page treatise) sent to IRS by Certified Mail (return receipt not needed, just regular receipt);
·    Snail-mail green mail receipts to Frank Losey, 2029 Tampa Blvd, Navarre, FL 32566, or scan and email to f.losey@insightbb.com, or Fax to 479-299-4417.
·    If you can’t scan or copy the receipt, just email f.losey@insightbb.com the 20 digit tracking number on the left side of the certified; he can then download confirmation needed.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Copies of the certified mail receipts/tracking number confirmations will enhance planned follow-up actions in Washington DC, in January; NUMBERS MATTER!
ALSO: The numbers of complaint letters IRS receives determines how far up the ladder that case investigation is taken.  We want the highest interest possible on this effort!

Phase 1-B (Starting Jan, ONGOING 2010, but as soon as possible) to IRS; this phase to be done if you have not done the above in the allotted time:
·    Letter #2 only, one-paragraph letter sent to IRS by Certified Mail; no Overview Summary needed.
·    Same instructions as above for green Cert Mail Receipts.
·    Although this is an ongoing effort, BEST to send ASAP, please.
·    Remember, NUMBERS STILL MATTER.  Forward to friends, clubs, lists and animal lovers of all kinds; ask them to take part in discrediting a tax cheat disguised as a charity.

***THE NEXT and FINAL 2 PHASES REQUIRE YOU TO KNOW YOUR FIVE GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES:  Look on http://www.congress.org, plug in your zip code in upper right to find your legislators’ names with how to contact them.  Their email/webforms and snail mail addresses are shown.
From your district, you have two Federal Senators, one Federal House of Representatives; one State Senator and one State House of Representatives (Assembly).***


Phase 2-A (Jan 1-ONGOING, 2010, or as soon as possible); this is an email effort, but we recommend that you also send via snail mail, to ensure two ways of your legislators receiving the information:
·    E-mail Letter #3 and the 13-page Overview Summary to your Federal Senators and Federal House Reps (Congress), (yes, both should fit onto your reps’ webforms, but if not, divide the 14-pages into three or four sections, and TITLE each Section, SECTION 1 of 3, SECTION 2 of 3, etc.)
·    Snail-mail same to their Washington, DC addresses.

Phase 2-B (as soon as possible):
·    E-mail Letter #4 and the 13-page Overview Summary to your State Senator and State House Rep.
·    Snail-mail same to their State Capitol Office.
·    E-mail/snail mail to members of State Agriculture Committees, and others that hear animal bills.


HSUS — Cover Letter #2 – TO IRS FRAUD DIVISION Jan 4 2010

HSUS — Cover Letter #3 – TO CONGRESS Jan 4 2010


Do you know anyone in North Dakota and Rhode Island that would send a 1-page, certified mail letter to IRS for us?  Those are the only 2 states we had no response from, and Frank would like to be able to say ALL states were represented.

Below is an attachment for you to use to hand out, repost, or print for yourself by Judy Kelsy. Permission statement at the end of this posting.

http://www.saova.org/SpayNeuterHSUS.html    Here you can find and locate all your elected officials as well.

(aka “HSUS” or “The Humane Sociey”)

·    They do not own or operate ONE pet shelter in the country
·    They do NO hands-on pet care of their own
·    They are in no way affiliated with any government
·    They are in no way a national “overseer” of the local societies that actually do all the hands-on work
·    Donations do not systematically “trickle down” to local shelters
·    Donations are sent in response to misleading ads that use heart-wrenching music, photos and bogus statistics, to “save the animals”.  Approximately 95% of their millions in donations are used for six-figure salaries, advertising (“education”) and LOBBYING against “all animal use”.


VIDEO, In their own words:   http://tinyurl.com/HSUSReality
·    CLICK ALL LINKS TO HSUS and/or PETA on these sites:
http://tinyurl.com/HSUS-GRAVY-TRAIN;    http://www.saova.org;
http://www.adoa.org;     http://www.exposeanimalrights.com

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals “ethically” euthanizes approx 95% of the animals turned in to them (public record, Virginia Beach, VA)


Wendy has my enthusiastic approval and blessing to use what I have authored with respect to the initiative to encourage concerned citizens, breeders and all who may be affected by the Lobbying Activities of the HSUS to write to the IRS or  to exercise their Constitutional Right to communicate with their respective members of Congress.


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