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Posted on March 8, 2011 at 11:49 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 9 at 12:10 AM

“I was absolutely certain that I was losing my dog,” says Kauth.

Saturday, during obedience class at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center in Tacoma, Sugar had a seizure.  An assistant started videotaping what was going on, to give to the dog’s veterinarian later.

“I noticed right then he wasn’t breathing,” says Ron Pace, Canyon Crest owner.  Pace, who has been training dogs for almost 4 decades, does not know dog CPR, but his instincts kicked in and he started chest compressions.

“[I was] applying some pressure to give the dog a chance to breathe, like we would on a human,” says Pace.

The 4 year old boxer’s owner said it was unbearable to watch.  You can hear her crying on the tape in the background.

“His eyes were open and there was nothing there,” says Kauth. “It was hard.”

On the tape, you can see Pace giving the dog a quick breath, the continues the compressions.

“And was just kinda praying it would come around,” says Pace.

After two minutes of CPR, Sugar came back.  The tape shows the dog was frightened, but conscious.  After seeing the vet, Kauth learned Sugar likely has a heart condition and has to take it easy from now on.  She thanks her trainer who saved him.

“He’s amazing.  I’m very grateful for Saturday and for everything,” says Kauth.

“It may have not been the correct way to do it and the way that they teach,” says Pace.  “It’s the outcome that what was important.”

Organizations like the Humane Society have already contacted Pace, asking him if they can use the video for instructional purposes.

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